Le 28/10/2020 15:04 | Par la redaction

Moon: Airbus turns dust into oxygen

Space Europe was thought to be obsessed with Mars and timid about the conquest of the Moon. Each week that passes brings its share of technological innovations for lunar exploration. Fortunately, from elsewhere.

Le 28/10/2020 13:14 | Par Jean-Marc Tanguy

Dassault Mirage 2000C back in Barkhane operation

Mirage 2000C from Fighter Squadron 2/5 Île de France will come back in Niamey from Barkhane operation, despite statements, on their last return from this mission, that it was their last.

Le 28/10/2020 13:13 | Par Pierre-François Mouriaux

First flight over Venus by the BepiColombo probe

Every weekend, we publish an image that made the news or caught our attention. On October 15, the Euro-Japanese probe on its way to Mercury performed a gravitational assistance manoeuvre in the vicinity of Venus.

Le 28/10/2020 13:13 | Par Yannick Genty-Boudry

Revival of the Chinese Nuclear Triad

Le 27/10/2020 21:30 | Par Jean-Marc Tanguy

Defence: Royal Blackhawk ploughs the inter-allied and joint forces

Originally, Royal Blackhawk was only a military exercise of the 1st artillery regiment. But, from the very beginning, it has taken on a particular depth through the presence of foreign partners

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