Two MQ-9A Block 5 delivered to Spain
Two MQ-9A Block 5 delivered to Spain
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Two MQ-9A Block 5 delivered to Spain

General Atomics delivered 2 UAV MQ-9A Block 5 to Ejercito del Aire (Spanish Air Forces)

Block 5

General Atomics published on November 30th a communicate about the delivery of two MQ-9A Block 5 UAVs to Spain, which completes the first order, dated from 2017, about two UAVs also. A Ground Control Station was also delivered to the 233rd Squadron of Spanish Air Forces, which operates at Talavera la Real Air Base in Spain


General Atomics

Before the delivery, acceptance tests were conducted, about the entire system, including maintenance and flights. Spain issued an Airworthiness Military Type Certificate for both UAVs. General Atomics indicates it is the first time this type of certificate is delivered for a MQ-9A Block 5



MQ-9A UAV’s will operate for ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) missions. They would not be armed, these matter is still under debate in Spain.

Now Ejercito del Aire has 4 UAVs and 3 cockpits. First UAVs were delivered in 2019, and the first flight occured in January 2020. Since then, 233rd Squadron made 300 flight hours.

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