South Korea

Defence 02/12/2019

South Korea's future combat aircraft KF-X integrates MBDA Meteor

Defence 25/09/2019

South Korea shows interest for lasers

Defence 27/08/2019

Helicopters MH-60R for South Korea

Defence 30/01/2019

Republic of Korea Air Force receives first Airbus A330 MRTT

Space 06/12/2018

Thales Alenia Space signs Korean radar satellite contracts

Defence 13/11/2018

First Airbus A330 MRTT for South Korea lands in Busan

Civil Aviation 22/11/2017

South Korea orders two more H225s

Defence 20/10/2017

General Atomics signs up partners in South Korea

Defence 12/07/2017

USAF steps up Pacific bomber activity

Paris Air Show 2017 20/06/2017

Arriel 2L2 makes first ground run

Paris Air Show 2017 19/06/2017

Paris 2017: Boeing, CDB Aviation Lease Finance sign $7.4bn MoU

Space 19/04/2017

Thales Alenia Space completes delivery of panels for South Korean satellites

Defence 20/01/2017

First USMC Joint Strike Fighters arrive in Japan

Defence 14/12/2016

South Korea approves record defence budget

Defence 29/11/2016

U.S., South Korea launch Vigilant Ace

Defence 03/10/2016

RAF Typhoons deploy for Asia-Pacific exercises

Defence 13/09/2016

B-1 bombers fly with South Korean, Japanese fighters

Defence 07/09/2016

South Korea boosts defence spending

Defence 26/08/2016

Aegis missile defence system to equip additional Korean, Japanese destroyers

Defence 13/07/2016

U.S., South Korea agree to deploy THAAD missile system

Industry 06/06/2016

Safran selected as engine supplier for South Korean helicopters

Defence 02/06/2016

GE F414 engine to power South Korea’s KF-X fighter

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