South Korea shows interest for lasers
South Korea shows interest for lasers
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South Korea shows interest for lasers

South Korea, through DAPA, launches a program for the development of laser weapons.

The several attacks and nuisances caused lately by drones seem to operate awareness among various stakeholders and especially in the defense field. That is why the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) announced the launch of a counter-UAV fight program, on September 17. South Korea will especially focus on the development of a laser system able to face small air targets, reported the news agency Yonhap. This project worth 88 billion Korean Republic wons (or almost $74 million) should enable the deployment of a laser system named Block-I, as of 2023. In the long ter, the DAPA wants to be able to increase its laser ability to neutralize more distant and bigger targets such as fighter aircraft and satellites.

If the anti-drones becomes a major topic for several countries and industrialists, the laser systems are also largely considered. Numerous companies invest in research programs aiming at developing this technology, formidable against small air targets.

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