Civil Aviation 16/03/2020

IATA Welcomes EU Suspension of Slot Use Rules

Civil Aviation 12/12/2019

The safety of global airlines has improved significantly in 2019

Civil Aviation 12/12/2019

IATA: 3.2% increase in global air transport turnover in 2019

Industry 14/10/2019

S7 Technics and IATA focuses on the digitalisation of aircraft operations

Civil Aviation 03/04/2019

Global air freight demand still falling

Civil Aviation 18/03/2019

Air France KLM Cargo adopts DG AutoCheck

Civil Aviation 07/03/2019

Airlines see positive start to 2019

Civil Aviation 09/01/2019

IATA: European airlines lead traffic growth

Civil Aviation 19/12/2018

IATA predicts $36bn airline profits in 2019

Civil Aviation 07/12/2018

IATA: passenger demand jumps 6.3% in October

Civil Aviation 27/09/2018

IATA highlights Brexit risks

Civil Aviation 04/09/2018

IATA: India needs airport masterplan

Civil Aviation 24/08/2018

Asia Pacific, Middle East lead traffic growth

Industry 23/08/2018

IATA, CFM sign engine MRO agreement

Civil Aviation 14/08/2018

IATA calls for European airspace action

Civil Aviation 04/06/2018

IATA trims 2018 profit estimate

Civil Aviation 01/06/2018

Asia-Pacific leads April traffic growth

Civil Aviation 03/05/2018

IATA reports booming passenger demand

Civil Aviation 07/03/2018

Air cargo growth continues in 2018

Civil Aviation 14/02/2018

IATA, CAAS to launch safety research centre

Civil Aviation 01/02/2018

Asia-Pacific carriers spearhead growth in 2017

Civil Aviation 05/12/2017

IATA sees airline profit boost in 2018

Civil Aviation 04/12/2017

Asia-Pacific leads traffic growth surge

Civil Aviation 23/11/2017

IATA upgrades Billing and Settlement Plan

Civil Aviation 26/10/2017

IATA warns of Asia-Pacific infrastructure crisis

Civil Aviation 24/10/2017

IATA predicts 7.8bn passengers by 2036

Civil Aviation 10/10/2017

Airlines carried 3.8bn passengers last year

Civil Aviation 05/10/2017

IATA reports strong passenger, freight growth

Civil Aviation 28/09/2017

IATA to help Poland develop National Airspace Strategy

Civil Aviation 06/09/2017

IATA: air cargo growth still strong

Industry 04/09/2017

Rolls-Royce claims new record for UltraFan power gearbox

Civil Aviation 28/08/2017

IATA reports strong first half in 2017

Civil Aviation 07/06/2017

IATA calls for action on sustainable aviation fuels

Civil Aviation 01/06/2017

AFI KLM E&M expands Boeing 787 MRO business

Defence 13/04/2017

Global Hawks to deploy to Japan

Civil Aviation 30/03/2017

IATA criticizes U.S., U.K. bans on electronic devices

Civil Aviation 14/03/2017

Airline safety performance shows mixed results for 2016

Civil Aviation 13/03/2017

IATA: Japan needs to focus on airport infrastructure

Civil Aviation 27/02/2017

Airbus A320 celebrates 30th birthday

Civil Aviation 20/02/2017

Boeing rolls out 787-10

Civil Aviation 02/02/2017

Middle East again leads global traffic growth <br>in 2016

Civil Aviation 11/01/2017

IATA: November air freight demand reflects strong peak season

Defence 21/12/2016

Boeing/Saab T-X contender completes first flight

Civil Aviation 08/12/2016

Airlines on track for bumper profits in 2017

Civil Aviation 30/11/2016

Bag tracking could save airlines <br>$3 billion

Civil Aviation 29/11/2016

Middle East, Asia lead traffic recovery

Industry 17/11/2016

GE signs digital collaboration MoU with COMAC

Civil Aviation 27/10/2016

Boeing forecasts air cargo traffic recovery

Civil Aviation 21/10/2016

IATA: Asia-Pacific confirmed as biggest driver of growth

Civil Aviation 06/06/2016

IATA raises airline industry profit forecast

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