S7 Technics and IATA focuses on the digitalisation of aircraft operations © S7 Technics

| Alexandre Rocchi

S7 Technics and IATA focuses on the digitalisation of aircraft operations

The Digital Aircraft Operations 2019 seminar held by S7 Technics and IATA underlined the advantages of the digitalisation of air transport management processes.

During the Digital Aircraft Operations 2019 seminar, S7 Technics and IATA presented their initiatives for the implementation of paperless workflows in aircraft operations and maintenance. IT director at S7 Technics, Maxim Pivovar, underlines the relevance of this activity, adding: “This is also a matter of the global competitiveness of the Russian air transport industry in general and the domestic aircraft maintenance industry in particular”. He thus specifies how the Russian maintenance provider is setting up the transition: “S7 Technics is actively digitalizing its production processes and, for example, we are now introducing electronic digital signatures, a mobile package of the AMOS information system.” Furthermore, the subject could include a range of changes relating to automated fleet management systems, operational analysis and the improvement of aircraft reliability.

Following the Digital Aircraft Operations 2019 event, all participants received IATA certificates of attendance. S7 Technics plans to hold similar seminars for technical staff on other relevant topics.

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