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The safety of global airlines has improved significantly in 2019

| Alexandre Rocchi

The safety of global airlines has improved significantly in 2019

In 2019, the accident rate of global airlines improved significantly to 0.91 (number of accidents per million flights), compared to 1.35 in 2018. This rate is even lower (0.68) for IATA member airlines.

Global air transport has never been so safe. As part of its annual meeting with the world press, IATA communicated the aviation safety statistics for the year 2019. With a rate of 0.91 (number of accidents per million flights performed), the safety of airlines has improved significantly compared to the 1.35 rate recorded in 2018. For the whole of 2019 (until December 2), there were a total of 227 aircraft accident victims, with a total of 23 accidents, 6 of which resulted in casualties, 3 resulted in loss of jet hulls and 1 loss of turboprop hull. Besides, the accident rate for IATA member airlines is even lower (0.68 in 2019 compared to 1.10 in 2018) than the rate recorded for the whole global airline industry.

This performance can be attributed to the IOSA certification (IATA Operational and Safety Audit), which has become a global reference in the field of aviation safety. IATA strengthened its implementation since June 2019. The association also announced on December 11 the launch of the Global Aviation Data Management (GADM) initiative, a data management platform that should further improve the security of global air transport by enabling the cross-referencing and analysis of aviation safety data.

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