UAE, Lockheed Martin sign space training agreement
UAE, Lockheed Martin sign space training agreement

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UAE, Lockheed Martin sign space training agreement

Lockheed Martin has announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Space Agency to launch a dual-track space training programme for students and early career professionals in space fundamentals.

In line with the UAE’s national vision, the programme was developed as part of Lockheed Martin’s growing collaboration with the UAE Space Agency. Designed to prepare tomorrow’s Emirati leaders for future careers in space, the programme will feature a comprehensive four-month space training program that will take place at the Lockheed Martin Center for Innovation and Security Solutions in Masdar City and in the US.

The program supports the UAE’s strategic vision to create an indigenous talent pipeline of students and professionals inspired towards long-term careers in the space industry.

The UAE has embarked on an historic initiative via setting up a Space Agency that will join others in promoting space exploration and contributing to the global scientific space community.

The UAE Space Agency has developed a strategic framework to guide the Agency in executing its mandates dictated by the Decree that was established in July 2014. These areas include developing the space sector, creating space policy and regulation, supporting the development of a generation of engineers and scientists and directing national space programmes that will have direct benefits to the UAE’s economy and developing human capital.

Last year, France’s CNES space agency became the first foreign agency to sign a partnership and cooperation agreement with the UAE Space Agency. The agreement allows for extensive future cooperation activities in the field of space between the UAE and France, including conception and implementation of joint studies and projects, the exchange of scientific data and information, an exchange of personnel and training of specialists between the two agencies, ground station operations support, as well as government activities related to space policy, public outreach and human development.


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