Space 07/10/2019

Ariane 6 passes new exam

Space 18/07/2019

Aerospace projects by young people in the Pyrenees’ sky

Space 10/07/2019

Contract award for CO3D Earth Observation satellites

Space 28/06/2019

France and Japan keep running the solar system exploration together

Paris Air Show 2019 24/06/2019

Paris Air Show 2019: the CNES at the center of the world

Paris Air Show 2019 13/06/2019

Paris Air Show 2019: CNES program

Space 26/03/2019

France, China to cooperate on Moon mission

Space 06/03/2019

France, India sign maritime surveillance agreement

Space 25/02/2019

ArianeGroup, CNES launch ArianeWorks acceleration platform

Space 13/02/2019

France, UAE discuss space cooperation

Space 11/12/2018

CNES lists Franco-Chinese space programme goals

Space 27/11/2018

NASA InSight lander arrives on Mars

Space 24/10/2018

French-Chinese climate satellite set for launch

Space 10/10/2018

CNES opens office in Abu Dhabi

Space 06/09/2018

France, India team up on human spaceflight

Space 03/09/2018

France, Australia sign space cooperation pact

Space 31/08/2018

France pursues space cooperation with Indonesia

Space 14/05/2018

CNES launches space investment fund

Space 07/05/2018

InSight lander on its way to Mars

Space 02/05/2018

Australia, France launch joint satellite study

Defence 25/04/2018

Defence electronics firms team up for European MALE drone programme

Space 12/03/2018

France, India extend space cooperation

Space 16/02/2018

CNES promotes French-Indian NewSpace contacts

Space 12/02/2018

France, UAE to develop climate change satellite

Space 12/12/2017

Global Space Climate Observatory proposed

Space 31/10/2017

France, Japan gear up for Martian moon mission

Space 28/09/2017

Australia creates space agency, tightens ties with France

Industry 19/05/2017

CNES, Nexeya invest in French nanosatellite industry

Space 12/04/2017

France, Japan team up to explore Mars’ moons

Space 03/04/2017

India: TeamIndus shoots for the Moon

Civil Aviation 08/03/2017

Airbus, Thai Airways to evaluate new MRO facility near Bangkok

Space 28/02/2017

France, Indonesia sign space cooperation agreement

Space 24/02/2017

Singapore launches development of TeLEOS-2 Earth observation satellite

Civil Aviation 24/02/2017

European airports break through two-billion barrier

Space 20/02/2017

CNES, Roscosmos to cooperate on BepiColombo instrument

Space 19/01/2017

China signs Zero-G deal with Novespace

Space 09/01/2017

France, India to cooperate on space launchers, Moon mission

Defence 05/01/2017

France orders Block 4 AASM

Space 01/12/2016

Airbus Safran Launchers becomes majority shareholder of Arianespace

Space 09/11/2016

Full development go-ahead for Ariane 6, launch complex

Civil Aviation 17/10/2016

Airbus A350 XWB set for China tour

Space 07/10/2016

France, India extend space cooperation

Space 15/09/2016

Franco-German MERLIN satellite to measure methane

Industry 14/09/2016

Boeing BWB back in the wind tunnel

Space 09/09/2016

OSIRIS-REx launches on asteroid mission

Space 09/09/2016

Vega to launch Aeolus wind satellite

Space 08/09/2016

Static firing success for Ariane 5 solid booster

Space 22/07/2016

France, Australia to cooperate on PILOT space observation mission

Space 04/07/2016

UAE, Lockheed Martin sign space training agreement

Space 31/05/2016

France launches “rail and space” initiative

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