Why the French Air and Space Army wants to swarm its generals
Why the French Air and Space Army wants to swarm its generals
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| Jean-Marc Tanguy

Why the French Air and Space Army wants to swarm its generals

The latest Air and Space Force (AAE) Strategic Committee meeting, held in mid-December, endorsed a decision by General Lavigne, Chief of Staff of the French Air and Space Force (CEMAAE). The current Air Force command, based in Bordeaux, will be blown up and its current brigades will be distributed, with their generals, on existing air bases.

The current air force command is to be blown up

The decision to blown up the current Air Forces command located in Bordeaux could be implemented at the end of 2021 or in 2022. These contributions could serve the communication of the Ministry of the Armed Forces on the theme of regional planning (it will also be necessary to renovate the infrastructure or build it, thus injecting money into the territories), but also the visibility of the Air and Space Forces.


An Air and Space Army with little visibility in the territories

Unlike the Army (which has generals at the head of the land regions), and the Navy, (with admirals at the head of the maritime prefectures), the Air and Space Army is not very visible in the provinces, which it believes is detrimental to the diffusion of its specificities. The objective of outreach seems to be the primary determinant of this development, whereas it is not certain that the presence of a general in Lyon or an admiral in Cherbourg has had an impact on the future of the Army or the Navy


The BAAMA in Evreux, the BAAP in Orléans

Thus, the air manoeuvre support air brigade (BAAMA) would join the Evreux base, the air support and projection air brigade (BAAP) would join Orléans, The Air Special Operations Forces (BFSA) could migrate to Orange (where there’s not a single special forces unit). The fighter aviation brigade (BAAC), formerly commanded by the current CEMAAE, could plant its stakes in Nancy. It will be noted that the towns of Saint-Dizier (4th Wing) and Mont-de-Marsan (headquarters of the 30th Wing, but which already has a general, commanding the CEAM) do not seem to have interested the generals as a drop point. A question of size, undoubtely.

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