USAF bombers deploy to Europe
USAF bombers deploy to Europe

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USAF bombers deploy to Europe

For the first time, all three of the U.S. Air Force’s strategic bombers are simultaneously deployed to the European theatre, in a symbol of commitment to NATO allies.

All three of the U.S. Air Force’s strategic bombers are deployed to Europe for “theater assurance and deterrence” in the region, marking the first time that all three of Air Force Global Strike Command’s strategic bomber aircraft are simultaneously in the European Theatre.

The deployment coincides with a recent declaration by U.S. President Donald Trump that he backs the NATO charter's Article 5 demand that all members be prepared to defend each other, putting an end to speculation following his failure to explicitly restate U.S. support for the agreement during a visit to NATO headquarters in Brussels in May.

Two B-2s touched down at RAF Fairford, England, on 9th June, joining three B-52Hs and three B-1Bs already deployed to the area. The B-52s, from Barksdale AFB, and the B-1s, from Ellsworth AFB, are participating in exercises Saber Strike and BALTOPS across Europe.

The B-2s are not flying in the exercises, but are “in support of recurring bomber assurance and deterrence operations,” according to US Air Forces in Europe.

The only previous occasion on which the three platforms had been deployed to the same location was in Guam in August 2016.

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