U.S. Space Force Tests New Anti-ASAT Device
U.S. Space Force Tests New Anti-ASAT Device

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U.S. Space Force Tests New Anti-ASAT Device

The MAJE anti-jamming system

An expected modernization

The Space and Missile Systems Center (SMSC) has just successfully tested the Mitigation and Anti-Jam Enhancement (MAJE) system. This equipment enables the localization and processing of offensive jamming operations or interference against the WGS (Wideband Global SATCOM) constellation. Designed by Boeing Defense and Space, it will be operational by 2022.


Virtual tests

These virtual tests, 3 in number, were held within a constrained timeframe of 18 days at the end of 2020. They evaluated the maintenance, telemetry control, and location of unwanted signals of the MAJE system.


The SATCOM Global Wideband

Operated by the 4th Space Operation Squadron of the US Space Force at Buckley (also in charge of missile warning operations) and the 53rd Signal Battalion of the US Army, the WGS constellation is composed of 10 satellites (11 by 2023). Operating in orbit 35,900 kilometers above the earth in X and Ka-band, it will enable the implementation of the U.S. Army's C4ISR (Command and Control, Communications, and Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) capabilities. Essential to military operations, it provides a powerful communications relay to more than 16,000 actors.

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