UAE strenghten intelligence capabilities
UAE strenghten intelligence capabilities

| Yannick Genty-Boudry

UAE strenghten intelligence capabilities

ISR airplanes , special forces and infowar

Special forces

Whereas Emirates had just put in orbit its first Falcon Eye 2 military recognition satellite same as those of the French constellation Pleiades, several ISR (Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) planes had just been received by the air part of the Special forces. A component which already detained for its external operations 9 surveillance and intelligence light jets Cessna Grand Caravan 208B.


MAG Aerospace

However those new planes built by one of the preferred integrators of the MAG Aerospace American Special Forces distinguish themselves of the formers ones because of their advanced capabilities in the field of electronic warfare. An attentive study of new antennas which equips those planes and solutions proposed by the American system enable to deduct the nature of equipments which are on board and new capacities that the Emirati commandos are seeking to deploy.


From Electronic Warfare to Cognitive Operations

But electromagnetic listening, such as GSM and UAV, is not the sole mission of these Cessna. They also have offensive capabilities, for cyber operations, infowars, and communication jamming. Actually, only United States, China and Russia has these capabilities.

Air & Cosmos will publish on Friday December 4th, 2020 (Air & Cosmos 2713) a complete dossier about these new disruptive capabilities.


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