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Turbomeca Ardiden 3G engine takes off with Kamov Ka-62
Turbomeca Ardiden 3G engine takes off with Kamov Ka-62
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Turbomeca Ardiden 3G engine takes off with Kamov Ka-62

Kamov's medium multi-role Ka-62 helicopter made its long-awaited first flight on 28th April. The 6.5t twin-engine helicopter, which is powered by Turbomeca's new Ardiden 3G engine, has been poised to fly for more than a year but has remained on the ground due to a number of technical issues. The Ka-62 features a five-blade main rotor and a multi-blade anti-torque rotor ducted into the vertical tail fin. The helicopter is designed for cargo transportation, medevac and search and rescue operations, and can also be used in the oil and gas sector and for corporate transport. 

The Ardiden 3G made its first ground run in April 2013. All development and performance tests have now been completed, and the engine is scheduled to obtain type certification in 2016. According to Turbomeca, tests have demonstrated a 20% class fuel consumption improvement over engines operating in the same power range.

The Ardiden 3G features a compact modular architecture. The gas generator module comprises two centrifugal stages attached to a reverse-flow combustion chamber, a single-stage gas generator turbine, a two-stage power turbine and dual channel FADEC. Turbomeca is targeting a TBO of over 5,000 hours at entry-into-service.

The French firm, part of the Safran group, is also developing a 3C variant of the Ardiden in cooperation with a Chinese partner for the AC352, the Chinese version of the H175. Airbus Helicopters and China’s Avicopter (the helicopters business unit of AVIC) signed a joint agreement for the production of 1,000 H175/AC352 rotorcraft, in March 2014.

The Ardiden 3 engines cover a thrust range from 1,700 to 2,000 shp.

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