Towards an Israeli Iron Dome offer to Riyadh?
Towards an Israeli Iron Dome offer to Riyadh?

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Towards an Israeli Iron Dome offer to Riyadh?

Lobbying campaign in the Israeli press in favour of a diplomatic rapprochement with Saudi Arabia

Iron Dome, a peacemaker?

In a recent article published in the Jerusalem Post, several Israeli researchers and politicians defended the idea of a rapprochement with Saudi Arabia. This initiative, incongruous a few years ago, could find the opportunity to materialise following the repeated Iranian missile attacks that the Wahhabi Kingdom is suffering. The proposal of the signatories would be that in the framework of an official and international normalisation of relations between these two nations, the Israeli government would provide military assistance in the fight against the attacks on Saudi oil sites.



Indeed, Israel has to date not only the capacity but also the know-how to protect large sensitive areas (cities, maritime infrastructures, air bases) unlike Saudi Arabia, which despite huge investments still fails to show convincing results due to repeated failures of the American Patriot system against manoeuvring projectiles. The sale of improved Iron Dome systems against emerging threats could therefore allow Tel Aviv to seal a diplomatic agreement of the same nature as the one signed with the UAE last summer.


What about the Iron Dome?

This is an air defence system designed to neutralise rockets, missiles, drones and artillery shells in mid-air. It has a limited range and can be used in all weather conditions. Commissioned in 2011, it is also operational in the United States, where two batteries have been purchased for testing. The system consists of three subassemblies: the EL/M-2084 detection and tracking radar, a Tamir missile battery with 20 units, and a command post. The Tamir missile weighs 90 kilograms, is 3 metres long and has a diameter of 160 mm. Its range is from 2 to 40 kilometres. It is designed to detonate in the vicinity of its target, which then releases its own explosive charge. The EL/M-2084 radar can track over 120 targets and engage 20 simultaneously. Its detection range is from 5 to 70 kilometres. A single Iron Dome battery is sufficient to protect an urban area of approximately 150 km 2 (more than the size of Paris). This vector provides an extremely effective C-RAM and VSHORAD defence. Nevertheless, its capacity to counter emerging threats (swarms of drones, grazing cruise missiles) has not yet been proven. The manufacturer is working on a new and improved version.

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