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The MC-21 suffered an hydraulic failure © Irkut

| Alexandre Rocchi

The MC-21 suffered an hydraulic failure

The MC-21 had to perform an emergency landing due to a hydraulic system problem, which prevented the retraction of one of the landing gear legs.

Irkut single-aisle twin-jet MC-21-300 encountered some technical problems during a test flight near Zhukovsky. The aircraft was likely impacted by its hydraulic system. A minor failure prevented the retraction of one of the main landing gear legs.

Nevertheless, the MC-21 performed a successful emergency landing at Zhukovsky airport near Moscow. A source from the Gromov Flight Research Institute, that tests the new generation aircraft, commented that according to preliminary information no member of the crew was injured.

Failure parameters will be recovered in the aircraft systems. A special investigative committee of the Irkut design office will work on the causes of the incident, said the Russian aircraft manufacturer.

Irkut MC-21 Zhukovsky airport

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