The L-39 NG wins in Vietnam
The L-39 NG wins in Vietnam

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The L-39 NG wins in Vietnam

The new youthfulness of the Czech trainer aircraft allows it to remain attractive for export.

First major contract for the L-39 NG

The Vietnamese Popular's Air Force (Không quân Nhân dân Việt Nam) has just confirmed the acquisition of 12 L-39 NG (Next Generation) aircraft from Czech aircraft manufacturer Aero Vodochody. These aircraft, to be delivered between 2023 and 2024, will gradually replace the old L-39 Cs, which were used as transition aircraft for the new Su-30 MK2s. The L-39 NG will complement the training of future Vietnamese pilots alongside 12 Yak-130s previously ordered.

A resolutely modern aircraft

Having made its maiden flight in 2015, powered by the Williams FJ44-4M engine, the L-39 NG is a healthy, modern aircraft with low operating costs. Equipped with a multifunction display (MFD), head-up display (HUD) and five under-wing stowage points, the L-39 NG will help train future pilots of fourth and fifth-generation aircraft.

Future light fighter?

With an estimated unit cost of 12 million euros, the L-39 LG, which has obtained EMAR 21 and EMACC certification, could be of interest to many nations. Already ordered by the air forces of Senegal (4) and the Czech Republic (4 + 2 as an option), the L-39 NG could evolve into a more powerful single-seat version equipped with radar, making it a true light fighter.


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