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The first H160 flight simulator is ready
The first H160 flight simulator is ready
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The first H160 flight simulator is ready

The Thales Reality H flight simulator for the brand new H160 helicopter from Airbus Helicopters has just passed a major milestone with the certification of its FFS (Full Flight Simulator) level D qualification by the DGAC. Equipped with high definition 4K imagery with a wide field of view, the simulator brings even more realism and sensations to the training exercises.

First simulator for H160


This first Reality H simulator for H160 is equipped with flight models from Airbus Helicopters and the on-board Helionix avionics suite. It also incorporates various innovations developed by the Thales teams, bringing even more realism and sensations to training exercises, for both pilots and instructors.

4K Imaging

Among these, a unique all-electric system ensuring smooth and realistic physical movements, an intuitive touchscreen interface developed for the instructor (Alexia), high-definition 4K imaging with a wide field of view reproducing even more faithfully the the pilot training environment, the development of simulation models and high-fidelity flight instruments, and finally a capacity to generate a wide range of scenarios including operational exercises, particularly in extreme conditions.


At Helisim

Installed in the Helisim simulation center in Marignane, the next step is to start pilot training. As the availability of the simulator is synchronous with that of the real helicopter, the first training sessions can begin before the devices are delivered to the first customers.

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