The end for Volfa
The end for Volfa

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The end for Volfa

From 21 September to 9 October, the Volfa military exercise was held, a major training exercise for the French Air Force.


During three weeks, the French Air and Space Forces were mobilised as part of the Volfa exercise, a major annual training exercise. Held from Air Force Base 118 at Mont-de-Marsan, "this major national training exercise mobilised more than 500 participants, most of whom were operating from their respective home bases, in a scenario based on Entry Force (entry first), combat search and rescue and air support", describes the French Ministry of Defence.


Air Forces.

It was a large-scale military exercise, mobilising a large number of air assets, both French and allied, since Greece, Spain and Belgium took part in the exercise. The Hellenic Air Force mobilised four F-16s, the Ejercito del aire two F-18s and the Air Component of the air traffic controllers. "The programme includes air superiority, reconnaissance, force projection and ground troop protection missions that are part of the operational perception of the concept of deterrence and defence of the Euro-Atlantic area. This approach is likely to facilitate the transition from a normal situation to a crisis situation and contributes to a conventional form of deterrence", adds the French Air and space Force.


Joint Forces

A joint forces military exercise, Volfa also brought together forces from the French Army and Navy. It was organised by the Air Force Command (CFA), in charge of the operational preparation of the air force.



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