The Dubai Airshow bets on the Covid-19 successor
The Dubai Airshow bets on the Covid-19 successor

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The Dubai Airshow bets on the Covid-19 successor

The organizers of the Dubai Airshow, which will take place from November 14 to 18, 2021, are betting on a much more favorable schedule to occupy the post-Covid-19 space.

Dubai Airshow: a more favorable schedule

Faced with a pandemic calendar that is still out of control and the outlook remains uncertain, the organizers of the Paris Airshow or Paris Air Show had no choice but to cancel the 2021 edition, which is scheduled to begin in January. The Paris Airshow is a short-lived event, and its foundations are being rebuilt at the beginning of the year to be ready for June. This mobilization is impossible to in a health context that will unfortunately not be under control by June 2021. This leaves space for the Dubai Airshow, which is scheduled to take place later in 2021, from November 14 to 18. Hopefully the pandemic will be under control by then.


First airshow to get out of the crisis?

The Paris Airshow or Le Bourget Air Show will not be the first post-crisis air show. The Dubai Airshow may be. This is the bet of the organizers of the Dubai Airshow 2021, which will be a "normal air show",  not a virtual one with chalets, stands and equipment displays. The to Article draft in the respect of gestures barriers and updated vaccination records. The objective of the organizers is to make this 17th edition "a platform for reflection to redefine strategies, navigate in an uncertain context, and put the global aerospace and defense industry back on track". All this in a context where global air transport would, according to IATA, begin to take off again in the second half of 2021.


The map of the digitization of the aeronautics industry

 The next edition of the Dubai Airshow will play the card of digitization and its various derivatives: 5G, cyber security, artificial intelligence and "blockchain". Topics that will be addressed both through conferences and dedicated spaces in the exhibition. Another new space: the "East-West Startup Hub". In short, the platform for connecting startups from the West and East of the planet, in line with the Emirates airline network and its hub in Dubai. One never goes without the other, as a well-known philosopher would say. This space dedicated to startups immediately brings to mind the Paris Air Lab initiated by the organizers of the Paris Air Show, which clearly remains "a source of inspiration" for other aerospace and defense shows.




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