The ATR 42/72 MP drops paratroopers © Leonardo

| Alexandre Rocchi

The ATR 42/72 MP drops paratroopers

Leonardo carried out a demonstration dropping paratroopers from an ATR 42/72 MP.

On September 6, the Italian manufacturer Leonardo announced trials had been conducted in July launching paratroopers and dummies from an ATR 42/72 MP. The mission was carried out using a door installed at the rear of the cabin. Meanwhile, Leonardo conducted trials for recovery procedures during an emergency situations. “The ATR 42/72 MP multi-mission aircraft adds a new capability to its current range of missions including patrol, search and rescue, passenger and cargo transport, medevac and troop transport”, states Leonardo.

Equipped with multiple sensors, the ATR 42/72 MP carries Leonardo’s ATOS system (Airborne Tactical Observation and Surveillance) which provides in-depth situational awareness to the operators.

ATR ATR 42/72 MP Leonardo Paratroopers

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