The Airbus C295 becomes a tanker aircraft
The Airbus C295 becomes a tanker aircraft
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| Alexandre Rocchi

The Airbus C295 becomes a tanker aircraft

Airbus and the Spanish Air Force conducted a series a wet contact tests this month with Airbus AC295s. First dry contacts were performed in December, 2019.

Airbus continues the test campaign of the C295 in a tanker configuration. After conducting a series of dry contacts last December using a closed ramp configuration, 100ft hose and remote vision system, the Airbus C295 tactical airlifter finally performed wet contacts. The successful tests, conducted out of Seville, Spain, took place earlier this month. The aircraft performed five wet contacts — in day-light conditions — with a Spanish Air Force C295 acting as receiver at flight speeds between 100-130 knots, transferring a total 1.5 tons of fuel. The flight test campaign also included night flight operations and the successful proximity test in pre-contact position with a Spanish Air Force F18 fighter at a flight speed of 210 knots.

Once proven, the versatility of the C295 could bring new customers to Airbus who already received a series of order for the aircraft on December.

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