Tempest: Leonardo unveils new radar sensing technology © Leonardo

| Alexandre Rocchi

Tempest: Leonardo unveils new radar sensing technology

Leonardo UK has demonstrated the performance of a new radar receiver/warner technology as part of its on-going development work for Tempest program.

In a laboratory demonstration for the UK Ministry of Defense and other Team Tempest partners, Leonardo’s new sensor demonstrated a direction finding performance of four times what is possible with a typical radar warning receiver. The radar technology was just 1/10th the size of a standard system, though. Leonardo is currently working on a new multi-purpose sensors concept as part of the Tempest program. Indeed, “in future, threat radars are likely to use a range of technologies and software techniques to make it harder to identify their signals, meaning that Tempest’s sensors will need to be sophisticated enough to be able to counter such techniques and flexible enough to be updated in response to new technologies as they emerge on the battlefield”, specifies Leonardo. The sensors will thus also need to support tasks such as intelligence gathering and combat identification. The focus of the recent lab demonstration, was in radar warning.

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