Taiwan is interested in getting a UTM system
Taiwan is interested in getting a UTM system
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Taiwan is interested in getting a UTM system

Terra Drone and Unifly participated to a bunch of tests in Taiwan to illustrate the interest of an unmanned traffic management system.

On June 7th, Terra Drone announced to have performed a demonstration of an unmanned traffic management (UTM) system in Taiwan. The UTM has been developed by both Unifly and Terra Drone, using the experience of the latter, which is specialized in drone traffic management services. During the tests, the two companies have proved their real-time monitoring capacity, enabling an easier integration to air space.

The UTM solutions are increasingly required and necessary, while drones services are expected to grow in a few years. Moreover, the increase of the number of UAV flights makes necessary the organisation of the traffic and an acceleration of flight autorisation procedures. Lastly, the UTM services have proved they could contribute to sky security. In fact, the drones which will be identified through this system will be categorized as collaborative while undeclared UAVs could be considered as malevolent.

Yosuke Kaneko, Head of UTM at Terra Drone, said, “The Taiwanese government realizes how important UTM is for safe and efficient drone operations, and is exploring the possibility of deploying our UTM system in the country. In the future, no country will allow drone operations without knowing who is flying the drone and where.”

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