TAI promotes T625 multi-role helicopter
TAI promotes T625 multi-role helicopter

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TAI promotes T625 multi-role helicopter

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) displayed the mockup of its twin-engine T625 multi-role helicopter in Paris.

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) brought the mockup of its T625 multi-role helicopter to this year’s Paris Air Show. TAI says the twin-engine, 6t class helicopter is being developed in response to growing demand for higher mission flexibility in this class for domestic and international markets.

According to TAI, the helicopter is designed and optimized to meet and exceed the multi-mission requirements for hot & high geographical environments and for adverse weather conditions.

The T625 is an outgrowth of the former Turkish Light Utility Helicopter (TLUH) programme. It is the first commercial rotorcraft to be powered by CTS800 engines supplied by Rolls-Royce/Honeywell joint venture LHTEC. The CTS800 also powers the TAI T129, an upgraded variant of the A129 Mangusta developed by TAI in partnership with AgustaWestland.

The T625 features a four-axis dual redundant automatic flight control system, along with an Aselsan glass cockpit with two wide touchscreen Integrated Mission Displays (8x20 inches) and two touchscreen data entry Touch Command Control Units (8x10 inches). It is designed for IFR and VFR single pilot operations, night operations and flight in known icing conditions.

The cabin accommodates 12 passengers and can be configured to meet the requirements of multi-purpose operations such as cargo, VIP transportation, ambulance, off-shore and search & rescue operations. First flight is reportedly planned for September 2018.

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