Su-57/S-70: Russia accelerates its fifth generation program
Su-57/S-70: Russia accelerates its fifth generation program

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Su-57/S-70: Russia accelerates its fifth generation program

While Europeans are arguing over the SCAF program, Russia is seeking to widen the gap with its stealth fighter UAV program.

New prototypes

The Russian Ministry of Defense has reportedly ordered three new prototypes of the UCAV S-70 Okhotnik, which will serve as a wing drone for the fifth-generation fighter, the SU-57, but can also be operated from the ground. The NAPO plant in Novosibirsk would be in charge of their production. Trials could begin in 2022 and continue until 2023.


The second prototype would incorporate modifications to its design to make it even more stealthy, to its flight controls, and to the sensors associated with its AI (reconnaissance, designation, communication) to enable it to evolve, escape missile launches, and strike its targets autonomously. These changes are based on the lessons learned from tests of the first prototype, which began in the summer of 2019. After validation of these modifications, the third and fourth prototypes would have a configuration similar to that of the production models and would be designed to test weapon systems and man/machine collaborative combat systems (MUM/T). However, the first prototype would continue testing. Last December, the RIA Novosti agency quoting a military source had evoked bombing tests on the test range of Ashuluk near the Caspian Sea, using a 500 kg FAB-500 M-62 bomb. Bombings on targets whose coordinates would be known in advance. Since last summer, the Ashuluk site has been deploying several anti-UAV systems designed to simulate highly contested airspace (S-400, Pantsir S1, offensive jamming ...).


Last summer, the OAK consortium saw its delivery schedule advanced by 12 months by the Kremlin to accelerate the aircraft's production and deployment from 2024. The 20-ton UAV designed by Sukhoi from 2011, with a wingspan equivalent to that of a Mig-29, has been specified to carry six metric tons of weapons in two separate bunkers more than 4,000 kilometers away. These armaments would be common to those of the Su-57, including the famous miniaturized version of the hypersonic missile KH-47M2 Khinjal. In accordance with the speech by Defense Minister S. Shoigu on January 29, the Okhotnik will participate in the accelerated modernization of the Russian air fleet to enable it to penetrate NATO's air defenses. The S-70s could thus integrate 2 to 3 squadrons of Su-57s to extend their radar detection range. But the role of the S-70 could also evolve towards that of an interceptor in order to neutralize not only opposing combat aircraft but also reconnaissance platforms, AEW aircraft, or tankers, thus justifying the integration of short- and medium-range missiles (R73/74, R77). In sum, the Russian UCAV could increase the strike capabilities of the Russian air force tenfold, before the final deployment of the 76 Su-57s expected in 2027.


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David Rose | 23/02/2021 01:32

USA better smarten up.

Ian | 23/02/2021 02:27

It has taken the Russians so long to build a competitor to the F-22 (failed first w/ the MFI & then just ripped off the US ATF w/ the PAK FA) that the Americans have long finished the F-22 line and have moved onto newer warplanes. At this point, they are playing catch up with an old plane.

Ivan | 23/02/2021 03:16

They have always been playing catch up when it comes to offensive systems, at least in aviation. They are far ahead when it comes to densive systems meant to stop enemy attacks. The philosophy is different because the needs are vastly different. The usa is not surrounded by Russian allies, it's exactly the opposite. Russia is being surrounded. They have to make sure an attack on their homeland is virtually impossible, which it looks like they have done. It wouldn't be a bad move in my opinion to lighten up a little bit on the threat of russia attacking, which is a pretty small probability and focus on the country that is a very real threat, china.

KewlToyZ | 23/02/2021 04:16

Why am I looking at a copy of the YF-23 and our own drone in the picture above??? SU copied the airframe designs verbatim or were they sold to them?

Cb | 23/02/2021 18:46

Well, if you want to get close to a YF-23, there is one outside, unprotected, that you can inspect any time you want at the Torrance Airport in Torrance California. Why? Well wy not put the only plane that could beat a F-22 on permanent outside display! As for the drone, remember that we gave an RQ-170 Drone to the Iranians just area years ago, because either it malfunctioned or they hyjacked it and we were not smart enough to put a self destruct system into it! Maybe that's how

THOMAS MOORE | 24/02/2021 02:44

Good catch, I believe it is because that is a YF-23 not and SU-57. The Russians do not have the capability to hide exhaust nozzles. The SU 57 is not stealthy because if this fact. I think it was an uninformed journalist grabbing the wrong picture. It looks lime a YF 23 and a B 21 raider. Good catch.

thehappydrummer | 23/02/2021 05:47

US has the F-22, F-35, F-15 Ex, F-18 Super Hornet, updated F-16, B2, SR-22; ALL interacting simultaneously!

Gessa uthmangessa@gmail.com | 23/02/2021 06:37

Blessings to the Russian federation only super power country that loves to see peace in a very corner of the world unlike the usa that loves to see only chaos in the world and that's what they enjoy most

Stelios | 23/02/2021 17:12

They also like poisoning their own citizens both inside and outside Russia. They are a disgrace to freedom loving nations

Kyp | 23/02/2021 06:58

Yeah we'll just forget about what plane the yak-141 became...

KC Michael | 23/02/2021 19:50

The world is changing everyday by day and technology needs to be changed to

Timothy James Rogers | 23/02/2021 13:54

Don't speak for the 350 million Americans you know absolutely nothing about. There are only a few countries in the world where the majority of it's people (as you say) love to see chaos and enjoy it most. It's crooked and corrupt politicians making shady deals with other countries so they can fatten their own wallets. They don't operate on behalf and in the best interest of it's people. The American people want peace across the board, just like the people of most every nation on the planet including yours. Those who run and govern our countries are ALL corrupt and doing the same as the others. Our leaders (most of them) are pure evil, they are the ones that love chaos and war and they don't give a shit about the people. If you for one minute think the leaders of YOUR nation are any different and truly care about it's people, you're sadly mistaken. Get a clue before you characterize a whole nation of people (as I said before) you know nothing about.

James | 23/02/2021 13:57

The Same UCAV INDIA too Follows and Progressing

Carlos de la Barra | 23/02/2021 14:55

As far as I know, the only technological transfer between Russia and US has been the sale of Yakovlev to Lockheed Martin for it's vertical takeoff and landing disaster, baptized as F35. That is ehrn that disaster, and quoting your great hero, John McCain the most expensive and useless piece of trash ever manufactured!! By the way, why did you have to charter Spatial launches for some years from Russia?

Luis Obregon | 23/02/2021 15:22

Well, yes they must accelerate their program, the su57 still isn't operational, and still behind the f-22 raptor wich is 30 years old!

Ankit Sharma | 23/02/2021 15:52

Upgrade jets and drone ships

Paul Lameille | 23/02/2021 16:32

It's getting better.

Trepanier jean paul | 23/02/2021 18:47

La concurrence amène la science à se développer c’est très encourageant pour la science.Merci

Fuzail | 23/02/2021 21:21

Russia has by far technolgy then usa and su-57 successfully created black mare to usa defence and russia is planning to block the way of america air force development programme.After few year america will runner up by china and from russia also after 10 year russia will be unbeatable from space and earth.Now a days half of the world are competeting from russia even usa also and half of the world using russia technology to secure himself

Mark Walk | 24/02/2021 02:22

I was thinking same thing when I got to end of article.

Basilio severino | 24/02/2021 02:58

Los gobiernos americanos son iguales todos,te fusilan por detras, después te presentan condolencias,son los más malditos del planeta, son caóticos, la paz no les conviene, porque sus armas,y sus municiones no venden

Syed Faisal | 24/02/2021 03:36

Nice information

Syed Faisal | 24/02/2021 03:44

Nice information

Sergio | 25/02/2021 07:37

You are living on a different planet or blind. Your views are so far from reality that is impossible to argue with you. Best luck with that.

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