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SpaceJet: Mitsubishi Aircraft blocked by scope clause
SpaceJet: Mitsubishi Aircraft blocked by scope clause
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SpaceJet: Mitsubishi Aircraft blocked by scope clause

Trans States Holdings, which controls Trans States Airlines, Compass Airlines and GoJet Airlines, cancels its firm order for 50 SpaceJet M90 aircraft and additional 50 options.

The scope clause that regulates and limits the operation of regional jets within the networks of major U.S. companies has just forced Trans States Holdings to cancel a firm order made in 2009 for 50 Mitsubishi Aircraft SpaceJet M90s and additional 50 options. The aircraft, formerly known as MRJ90, does not meet the scope clause limits: a maximum capacity of 76 passengers over a range of 2,800 km and a maximum take-off weight of less than 39 tonnes. The Mitsubishi Aircraft MRJ90 was designed at a time when the market was expecting a future relaxation of the scope clause in the United States — something that did not happen: “When we established our contract with Trans States Holdings, the outlook on the regional market was very different”, said Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation President Hisakazu Mizutani. Hence the launch, at the last Paris Air Show, of a version adapted to the constraints of the U.S. market and called SpaceJet M100 with a maximum of 76 passengers split in two classes. A version ordered by Mesa Airlines with 50 firm copies and 50 options. Still are to be determined the intentions of another U.S. regional carrier: SkyWest Airlines, which also ordered the Mitsubishi SpaceJet M90 for 100 copies with 100 options. SkyWest Airlines could possibly change its initial order with SpaceJet M100 aircraft while Trans States Holdings could sign again for SpaceJet M100s.

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