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Singapore 2018: Thales working on Malaysian ATC upgrade
Singapore 2018: Thales working on Malaysian ATC upgrade
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Singapore 2018: Thales working on Malaysian ATC upgrade

The Kota Kinabalu Flight Information Region is being modernised with Thales systems.

15 years after its last major Air Traffic Management (ATM) project in Malaysia, Thales is making a comeback in the country as it works jointly with Novatis Resources to upgrade Kota Kinabalu Flight Information Region’s (FIR) Air Traffic Control (ATC) system and more.

To improve air traffic services within Malaysia’s airspace, Kota Kinabalu’s FIR, one of the two in the country, will receive a series of upgrades over the next three years, including a new air traffic control system, radars, ground station, surveillance systems and distance measurement equipment.

Together with local contractor Novatis Resources, Thales will be supplying its TopSky ATC system, new-generation primary and secondary co-mounted radars, ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) ground stations and latest DVOR-DME.

According to Thales, more than 70% of Asia-Pacific airspace is controlled by its TopSky ATC. Amongst Asia-Pacific countries that employ the system are Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines and Vietnam.

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