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Saudia enters low-cost arena with Flyadeal
Saudia enters low-cost arena with Flyadeal
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Saudia enters low-cost arena with Flyadeal

Saudi Arabian Airlines (Saudia) has announced plans to launch a new low cost carrier, dubbed Flyadeal. The airline is scheduled to start commercial operations by mid-2017.

Director General Saleh AlJasser confirmed that the airline will operate in a one-class, high-density seating configuration and will serve both domestic and international routes.

The airline says it expects to serve the main trunk routes including Riyadh, Jeddah and Damman and key regional markets. It will complete with flynas, another Saudi carrier which started low-cost operations in 2013.

According to statements on the new airline’s Twitter account, the focus will be on “getting people from A to B at a fair price” and on “delivering value for money to cost-conscious customers”. However, AlJasser emphasised that a low cost fare does not mean low service and that the airline would focus on giving customers the best service possible.

No announcements were made concerning fleet makeup, but promotional images and videos all seem to focus on the A320neo.

Saudia’s single-aisle fleet currently includes 50 A320/A321s, along with 11 Embraer 170s.

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