Salon du Bourget was delayed to June 2023
Salon du Bourget was delayed to June 2023

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Salon du Bourget was delayed to June 2023

Covid-19 pandemic was the reason of Salon du Bourget delay which had to take place from june 21 to june 2023.

Salon du Bourget : an inevitable decision.

Next Salon du Bourget had to take place from june 21 to june 2021. It was canceled. The decision has been taken in december 7. Last july, Gifas president, Eric Trappier,

Asked about Salon du Bourget event in the pandemic context it has been resulted that the final decision would be taken in december.  We are in advance. "The Board of Directors of the SIAE, in agreement with the GIFAS Council , took this inevitable decision because of the international sanitary situation and about the consequence of that kind of event.  This reasonnable decision has been taken  by the SIAE Council, in a context of a crisis of unprecedented magnitude for the aerospace industry," says the Gifas press release.


Full refund

The absence of on time available vaccines, the deal of problematic insurances as well as organizers and exhibitors notably foreigners would make it difficult to maintain Salon du Bourget which has been delayed to June 2023.

SIAE announces that they will integrally refund its exhibitors of the transfered sums and will be the only responsible as well as for the financial consequences and its decision. « We are of course disappointed of being able to maintain 2021 Salon du Borget event. After long months of the cancel any of its activity around the world, the international aeronautic, of space and defence were glad to meet up each others.

We work today on renewing 2023 Salon du Bourget on both aeronautic service and space in the world level ». has declared, Patrick Daher, Patrick Daher, General Commissioner of the International Air and Space Shows, and President of the Daher Group.


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