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Safran unveils Aneto engine family
Safran unveils Aneto engine family
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Safran unveils Aneto engine family

Safran has unveiled its high-power Aneto engine family for the super-medium and heavy helicopter market.

Safran Helicopter Engines (HE) has unveiled its brand-new Aneto high-power engine family at Helitech International, in London. Designed for the super-medium and heavy helicopter market, it incorporates new technologies, developed as part of the Safran HE R&D roadmap. The family will feature several models covering 2500 to over 3000shp power range. Aneto is named after the highest mountain in the Pyrenees.

The initial 2,500shp model, designated Aneto-1K, has been selected by Leonardo to power its twin-engine AW189K. First flight of the Aneto-1K fitted to this helicopter took place in March. Entry into service is scheduled for fourth quarter of 2018.

Thanks to an exceptional power-to-volume ratio, the Aneto offers 25% greater power (when compared to existing engines of the same volume), contributing to increased mission capabilities especially during  demanding missions like offshore, search and rescue, fire-fighting or military transport, as well as better performance in “hot and high” conditions.

Safran HE's Tech 3000 technology demonstrator is a key building block of the Aneto family. It enables engineers to validate designs and technologies capable of delivering up to 15% better fuel economy compared with today’s high-power engine models. These new technologies will be gradually incorporated into the Aneto models, depending on the power requirements and entry-into-service timeframe, resulting in improved range and payload and reduced environmental footprint.

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