Safran provides new Health Monitoring service
Safran provides new Health Monitoring service
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Safran provides new Health Monitoring service

Safran has broaden its Health Monitoring service for helicopters’ engines. Air Center Helicopters becomes the first North American operator to subscribe to the Premium service.

During Heli-Expo 2020, Air Center Helicopters subscribed to Safran's Premium Health Monitoring service. The U.S. operator will benefit from the new features of the service launched two years ago. Safran Helicopter’s Health Monitoring service now includes new daily health indicators, in addition to the monthly recommendations; full automation of the engine performance trend follow up; and a newly user-friendly online interface. The service based on more than sixty engine parameters provides Safran Helicopter Engines predictive analyses and preventive maintenance “to preserve the customers' engines and optimize the operations of its customers”. Health Monitoring — which is available for Safran’s Support By the Hour (SBH) customers in its Premium version — already covers 3,200 engines operated by 500 customers.

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