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Safran launches e-Spares
Safran launches e-Spares
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Safran launches e-Spares

Safran Helicopter Engines has added a new digital solution to its EngineLife customer portal and announced new customers for its Health Monitoring service.

Safran Helicopter Engines has added a new digital solution to its EngineLife customer portal. The service, called e-Spares, allows customers to order new spare parts and tools on-line.

The e-Spares service is designed to help users identify and select the right spare parts and tools easily and efficiently. Prices are instantly displayed, and availability statuses are calculated in real time so that an order can be placed immediately, round the clock.

For example, it is possible to use an Excel file generated by the Web IETP (Interactive Electronic Technical Publications) cart function to create an e-Spares order in a few clicks, notes Amanda Martin, Safran Helicopter Engines Marketing & Services Director

The first official on-line order was placed by Air Methods Group, one of the largest HEMS operator in North America, during HAI Heli-Expo 2018.

Safran says that e-Spares will be gradually rolled out this year. Its availability may vary depending on users’ geographical location, engine variants and organization compatibility. New features will also be released throughout the year to continue to provide more reactivity and autonomy to customers.

In other news relating to Safran's EngineLife services solutions, the company has announced new customers for its Health Monitoring service, which was launched at Helitech International in October.

Health Monitoring allows customers to track engine life parameters and implement predictive maintenance actions to prevent unplanned events. The service is available at an Essential level, where the customer is responsible for data collection and analysis, and a Premium one where maintenance recommendations by Safran experts are tailored to the customer’s fleet, mission and usage rates.

The first customer is HeliDax, a privately-held company which was chosen in 2008 by the French government to supply the flight hours required for basic and advanced training of French Armed Forces, Gendarmerie Nationale and Belgium Armed Forces helicopters pilots.

HeliDax operates a unique fleet of 36 H120 helicopters (powered by Arrius 2F) modified by HeliDax to match military specifications.

Also signing up for the Health Monitoring service is ÖAMTC (Österreichischer Automobil-, Motorrad- und Touring Club) which will use the service in its Arrius 2B2-powered H135 fleet.

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