Safran invests in Turbotech
Safran invests in Turbotech
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Safran invests in Turbotech

Safran is looking to integrate Turbotech's regenerative cycle technology in future hybrid propulsion solutions.

Safran, through its Safran CorporateVentures subsidiary, and GO CAPITAL Amorçage II (a technology seed fund) are investing in Turbotech, a startup specialising in new-generation turbine engines and hybrid propulsion

Turbotech, which has facilities in Brittany and the greater Paris area, offers a range of turbine engines for light aircraft (turboprops and turbo-electric generators), based on innovative regenerative cycle turbines. The regenerative cycle involves using a heat exchanger to recover the energy contained in a turbine's exhaust gases, thus significantly reducing fuel consumption.

Featuring its patented heat exchanger technology, Turbotech's products are said to combine reliability, exceptional performance, low fuel consumption, low acoustic signature and minimal operating costs.

The latest round of funding will enable Turbotech to finalize the development of its products and introduce them on the market starting in 2019. Turbotech will be the first company to sell a high-performance hybrid propulsion system in the general aviation, heavy drone and on-demand air mobility markets. The electric version will give hybrid propulsion aircraft several hours of endurance.

Safran and Turbotech have signed a technology partnership agreement, entailing technical support from Safran, and the use of Turbotech's technology in some of Safran's future products. The contract covers an initial period of five years.

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