Saab delivers Deployable Maintenance Facility to Hungary
Saab delivers Deployable Maintenance Facility to Hungary

| Alexandre Rocchi

Saab delivers Deployable Maintenance Facility to Hungary

Saab delivers first complete Deployable Aircraft Maintenance Facility to Hungary.

The Hungarian Air Force will now benefit from a mobile solution to provide maintenance to its aircraft and other vehicles. The delivery stems from a contract signed between Saab and the Hungarian Ministry of Defense in December 2018. “This is an important milestone for Saab as it marks the first order of a complete DAM solution”, underscores Ellen Molin, Senior Vice President and head of Saab’s business area Support and Services. Saab’s DAM comprises a first line maintenance hangar for storage, protection and maintenance of the aircraft, maintenance containers and integrated Barracuda multispectral camouflage which provides protection against detection in the visual, near infrared, short wave infrared, thermal infrared and broadband radar wavebands.

The support solution, which can be deployed in approximately 48 hours, will provide flexibility and reduce dependency on stationary infrastructure for maintenance and protection of the aircraft. The Hungarian Air Force is currently operating 14 Gripen C/D fighter aircraft on a lease-purchase agreement with the Swedish government.

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