Russian Helicopters to start Ka-27M deliveries
Russian Helicopters to start Ka-27M deliveries
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Russian Helicopters to start Ka-27M deliveries

The modernised Ka-27M helicopter has been cleared for production. Deliveries of serial production machines will start soon.

Russian Helicopters, part of Rostec State Corporation, is poised to start delivery of serial production Ka-27M helicopters for the Russian Naval Aviation. The first machine has already completed factory testing.

The Russian Navy has completed its operational evaluation of the upgraded Ka-27M anti-submarine helicopter, using a batch of pre-production machines delivered in 2016, and the type has now been cleared for production.

The construction and operational documentation of the Ka-27M — a modernised version of the Ka-27 featuring new avionics and missions systems, including an active phase array radar — was validated for serial production in June. Modernization work will be performed at Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise.

The Ka-27M is designed to provide all-around visibility and the ability to detect all types of ships and submarines at greater ranges.

Multirole Ka-27 type helicopters in various versions are currently the basis of the helicopter units of Russian Naval Aviation. They provide aerial reconnaissance, anti-submarine protection of naval groups, detection, tracking and destruction of submarines and ships, search-and-rescue operations and transportation tasks.

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