Rolls-Royce starts Advance3 testing
Rolls-Royce starts Advance3 testing
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Rolls-Royce starts Advance3 testing

Rolls-Royce is preparing for the first run of its Advance3 demonstrator, as part of development of its future Advance and UltraFan engine designs.

Rolls-Royce is preparing for the first run of its Advance3 demonstrator, as it continues development of its next generation of civil aerospace engines.

The demonstrator will test a new engine core designed to deliver maximum fuel burn efficiency and low emissions. The core forms a key part of the Rolls-Royce Advance and UltraFan engine designs, both of which form part of the company's future technology programme.

The demonstrator engine is now complete and is being readied for test in Derby, UK, with its first run expected in the coming days. Testing will initially confirm operational parameters with future tests designed to gather data on the performance of the engine across more than 2,800 parameters.

The Advance3 core features a new “work split” with a two-stage high-pressure turbine and a single-stage intermediate pressure turbine. Engineers have attached the core to a Trent XWB fan system and a Trent 1000 low pressure turbine to create the completed demonstrator engine.

Other key technologies for UltraFan are also making significant progress. The engine features a high-power gearbox, designed to deliver efficiency at high bypass ratios, which earlier this year achieved 70,000hp while on test in Dahlewitz, Germany, a new record in the aerospace industry.

UltraFan aims to offer a 25% fuel efficiency improvement compared with the first generation of Trent engines and will be available for service from 2025.

Advance3 receives funding and support from Clean Sky 2, the Aerospace Technology Institute and Innovate UK.

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