Ratier-Figeac Maroc wins Boeing 777X contract
Ratier-Figeac Maroc wins Boeing 777X contract
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Ratier-Figeac Maroc wins Boeing 777X contract

Boeing has selected Ratier-Figeac Maroc (RFM) to supply the horizontal stabilizer trim actuators (HSTA) for the 777X. The HSTA is part of the flight control system; it moves the horizontal stabilizer to trim and stabilize the aircraft in the pitch axis during flight.

The equipment will be produced at the company’s Nouaceur facility, near Casablanca. This 4,800m2 factory came on line in 2012. RFM is a subsidiary of Ratier-Figeac, a French specialist in propeller systems, fly-by-wire cockpit controls and cabin equipment. The French company is itself a subsidiary of UTC Aerospace Systems, which was recently selected for two other 777X systems: the GMCS and the PSDC.

The ground manoeuvring camera system (GMCS) enhances situational awareness by providing pilots video and camera views of the nose gear, main gear and wingtip areas to aid in taxiway manoeuvring. The system also offers passengers a wingtip to wingtip view from the aircraft's vertical stabilizer through in-flight entertainment (IFE) video.

The proximity sensor data concentrators (PSDC) system senses and monitors the position of multiple surfaces throughout the aircraft, including interior, exterior and thrust reverser doors as well as tail position.

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