Rafale Marine advantage for Chammal operation
Rafale Marine advantage for Chammal operation

| J-M. Tanguy

Rafale Marine advantage for Chammal operation

Dassault Rafale Marine will deploy the 500kg GBU-16 on the occasion of this fifth mandate of Operation Chammal.

Fifth mandate

In one month and a half the airplane group from the Charles-de-Gaulle will be mobilised  again for Chammal operation, offering a likeable capacity with more than twenty Dassault Rafale Marine fighting airplanes (more than four times as usual on the H5 base with AAE and E-2C Hawkeye) . Those Marine gust ensure the fifth mandate since 2014: four had been led since the Charles de Gaulle and the Rafale cinquième à terre, during the technical stop of the major airplanes carrier.


 GBU Bomb

This time, fighter will deploy a series a new assets. This will be the case in the functionary fields, they will be able to take the GBU-16 bomb of 500 kg offering a larger spectre than before, from the basis of 250 kg ( GBU-12, AASM) OR 1000 kg (GBU-24). This is a symptomatic advance of work enabling la chasse embarquee  to find the munitions the more adapted to the operational realities. Let’s remind that its SEM had  deployed , over the past years GBU-49 on the afghan theatre just before it appeared on 2000D Mirage. Likewise, ATL2 disposes of GBU-12, GBU-51, GBU-58.


MBDA Meteor missile targeting

Rafale Marine will also deploy for the very first time the Talios targeting nacelle and the air-to-air missile Meteor. French Air and Space Forces first Rafale F3R arrived in Jordania will use Talios in iraqi-syrian conflict. MBDA’s Meteor missile is a game changer in the very complicate context of the region, and allies could see him in action. Including Greeks, future clients of Rafale

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