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Qatar Airways increases shareholding in IAG equity © Boeing

| Alexandre Rocchi

Qatar Airways increases shareholding in IAG equity

The Doha-based company’s first shareholding investment in IAG equity was in 2015, with a stake up to 9.99%.

While Qatar Airways continues to cast doubt on a possible exit from the Oneworld alliance, it continues on the other hand to show a growing interest in consolidating its links with IAG (International Consolidated Airlines Group), the holding company owner of British Airways, Iberia, Vueling and Aer Lingus. The Doha-based company has indeed increased its equity stake in IAG from 21.4% to 25.1%, with an additional investment of 465 million pounds (560 million euros). Qatar Airways explained this increase as an “evidence of its continued support of IAG and its strategy”. The transaction occurred a few weeks before the departure of its emblematic founder and managing director Willie Walsh.

Qatar invested for the first time in IAG in 2015, taking a 9.99% stake before steadily increasing in equity since then.

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