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Qatar Airways announces seven new destinations, including Lyon and Toulouse in France
Qatar Airways announces seven new destinations, including Lyon and Toulouse in France
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Qatar Airways announces seven new destinations, including Lyon and Toulouse in France

The announcement of the seven new destinations as well as the return of destinations suspended during the pandemic and the reinforcement of frequencies of many routes was made at the opening of the ITB Berlin on March 7, 2023.

Akbar Al Baker, Qatar Airways' chief executive, used the opening of ITB Berlin on Monday, March 7, to announce a raft of news about the Doha-based carrier's continued recovery of its global network, along with seven new destinations that will arrive during 2023. 

Soon to be four routes to France

The seven new destinations include Lyon and Toulouse in France, but also Chittagong (Bangladesh), Juba (South Sudan), Kinshasa (Congo), Medan (Indonesia) and Trabzon (Turkey). The exact frequencies and launch dates will be announced shortly. Qatar Airways has also announced that it is resuming flights to 11 destinations suspended during the Covid-19 pandemic: Beijing (China), Birmingham (England), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Casablanca and Marrakech (Morocco), Davao (Philippines), Nice (France), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Ras Al Khaimah (UAE), Tokyo-Haneda and Osaka (Japan). Qatar Airways' French service will therefore soon be strongly reinforced with, in addition to the three daily flights operated from Doha to Paris CDG, routes to Nice, Lyon and Toulouse. 

655 additional frequencies for Qatar Airways' 2023 summer season

Parallel to this announcement, the Doha-based airline has announced numerous frequency reinforcements for some 40 destinations that will be effective during the 2023 summer season or for the 2023-2024 winter season: Abuja - Port Harcourt (increase from 2 to 3 weekly flights), Abuja - Kano (increase from 3 to 4 weekly flights), Athens (increase from 7 to 14 weekly flights), Belgrade (increase from 5 to 7 weekly flights), Bucharest (increase from 10 to 14 weekly flights), Cairo (21 to 28 weekly flights), Copenhagen (from 4 to 7 weekly flights, then 10 from the winter 2023/24 season), Denpasar (14 to 21 weekly flights), Dublin (12 to 14 weekly flights), Düsseldorf (7 to 11 weekly flights for the winter 2023/24 season), Edinburgh (10 to 14 weekly flights), Hanoi (10 to 12 weekly flights), Hong Kong (11 to 14 weekly flights), Khartoum (7 to 14 weekly flights), Larnaca (7 to 14 weekly flights), London-Gatwick (7 to 10 weekly flights, then 14 weekly flights during the high summer season), London-Heathrow (42 to 45 weekly flights), Madrid (16 to 18 weekly flights), Manila (17 to 18 weekly flights), Milan (16 to 21 weekly flights), Mogadishu (3 to 4 weekly flights), Nagpur (4 to 7 weekly flights), Oslo weekly flights for the winter season 2023/24), Phuket (14 to 21 weekly flights for the winter season 2023/24), Saigon (10 to 12 weekly flights), Sarajevo (3 to 4 weekly flights for the summer season 2023), Sofia (3 to 4 weekly flights in the summer and 5 weekly flights in the winter 2023/24), Stockholm (3 to 5 weekly flights for the winter season 2023/24), Taif (3 to 7 weekly flights), Vienna (10 to 14 weekly flights), Warsaw (7 to 14 weekly flights from the winter season 2023/24), Yerevan (7 to 10 weekly flights), Zagreb (4 to 7 weekly flights)Zurich (10 to 14 weekly flights). In total, Qatar Airways will add 655 weekly frequencies to its 2023 summer schedule compared to its 2022 summer season. 


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