Paris Air Show 2019
Paris Air Show 2019: Airbus and Boeing get to the red
Paris Air Show 2019: Airbus and Boeing get to the red
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Paris Air Show 2019: Airbus and Boeing get to the red

It has been a very long time since Airbus and Boeing got to the Paris Air Show with a negative balance. 176 airplanes sales below average since the beginning of 2019.

Airbus and Boeing come to Le Bourget without any orders to use as a safety net. An extraordinary event on the eve of such a great air show. For the five first months of the year, Airbus and Boeing have shown a global negative balance with a total of 176 planes, of which 57 Airbus suffered cancellation from Etihad Airways for forty A350-900 and two A350-1000. On the other hand, Boeing had to endure the consequences of Jet Airways' bankruptcy effects which had ordered 75 Boeing 737 MAX and 10 Boeing 787 and still had some 737 more models to receive. Traditionally, the Paris Air Show years correspond to a laborious beginning of the year for Boeing and Airbus. Each one maintaining some contracts or letters of intent for June to benefit from the media attention of the Paris Air Show. Except that the two constructors always come with a stack of orders more or less thick. However, this does not guarantee a decisive inversion. In fact, order announcements, memorandum of understanding and letters of intent during the Paris Air Show will certainly compensate the five first months in the red. Not to mention, it is only the middle of the year.

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