New Lufthansa Technik radome approved by EASA, FAA
New Lufthansa Technik radome approved by EASA, FAA
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New Lufthansa Technik radome approved by EASA, FAA

Lufthansa Technik has received an EASA supplemental type certificate (STC) and FAA validation for a new variant of its Two-In-One Solution (TIOS) radome. The new solution features an innovative material layer structure compatible with Ka-band antennas used to provide high-speed internet and TV connections in flight.

The solution is currently available for installation on the BBJ1 (737-700) and BBJ2 (737-800) versions of the Boeing Business Jet family.

The company’s TIOS solution, installed on top of the aircraft’s vertical stabilizer, has been offered since 2000 for Ku/L-band antennas. However, the initial version was not suitable for Ka-band frequencies with high data rates. “Ultimately, we were able to develop an innovative material layer structure that allows frequencies in the Ka-band to pass through, providing double-speed data transfer for passengers," reports Beate Rehberg, Product Manager TIOS, Original Equipment Innovation at Lufthansa Technik.

The radome can accommodate a wide variety of mechanically steered aircraft antennas. At present, the Honeywell MCS-8000 system and the Viasat Global Aero Terminal 5510 have been integrated. The antennas can either be installed standalone or in a combination with other Ku/L antennas. As an option a forward looking HD camera can be integrated.

Lufthansa Technik underlines that the TIOS not only saves space, but depending on the scope of the installation, can be up to 100kg lighter than a standard configuration with two separate aircraft antennas. The aerodynamic design reduces drag and operational costs.  Furthermore, installation of the antennas sub-systems in the aft fuselage has a positive impact on the aircraft's centre of gravity.

For customers who already have a TIOS installation, Lufthansa Technik offers an upgrade to the Ka-band technology. In addition, the company has developed a TIOS Ka-band-upgrade-kit that can be installed at other completion centres.

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