New delay for the Mitsubishi SpaceJet, formerly MRJ
New delay for the Mitsubishi SpaceJet, formerly MRJ
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New delay for the Mitsubishi SpaceJet, formerly MRJ

The Mitsubishi SpaceJet program will experience another major delay. The parent company of Mitsubishi Aircraft has announced the first delivery of the SpaceJet in fiscal year 2021... or later.

The SpaceJet program of Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation suffers another major delay. The first delivery will be made at least a year later from the initial schedule, which was already subject of many postponements in the past. This new delay — the sixth in the program — is the consequence of a difficult year 2019 for the aircraft, which was initially scheduled to enter service in 2013.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), the parent company of Mitsubishi Aircraft, said during its third quarter results announcement that the “commercial delivery of the first SpaceJet would be in fiscal year 2021 or later”, between April 2021 and March 2022... at best.

Mitsubishi Aircraft will also witness a change. As of April 1, Mitsubishi Aircraft President Hisakazu Mizutani will leave his place to Takaoki Niwa, whose mission will be to obtain type certification for the SpaceJet M90 and the complete development of the aircraft family. His previous position was that of President and Chief Executive Officer of MHI America.

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