NATO: Indra participates in the modernization of the AWACS © NATO

| Alexandre Rocchi

NATO: Indra participates in the modernization of the AWACS

Indra will work on the modernization of NATO’s AWACS, the early warning, surveillance, command and control aircraft.

At the end of December, the Spanish company Indra announced that it had been selected by NATO to participate in the modernization of the AWACS surveillance aircraft operated by the Alliance. The aim is to renew certain systems of the aircraft to increase its lifespan. The AWACS will have to be able to fly until 2035. “AWACS are being prepared to operate and maintain their superiority in the highly digitized scenarios that will emerge in the coming years”, says Indra. The program includes the replacement of communications and networking systems with more modern solutions, in cooperation with Boeing. The modernization is part of a $1 billion contract announced by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg last November.


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