Multilateral exercice with F-35s
Multilateral exercice with F-35s
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Multilateral exercice with F-35s

The USA, Israel and the UK took part in an exercice to strengthen the interoperability between their F-35s’ fleets.

On June 25th, Israel, the United States and the United Kingdom met above the Mediterranean sea to carry out a multilateral exercice. The three nations deployed their F-35s as part of the Tri-Lightning exercice. This training was aiming to reinforce the interoperability of the forces.

For this purpose, the F-35As (USA), F-35Bs (UK) and F-35Is (I) performed an air defence exercice. There were other fighters which acted like aggressors to simulate an attack.

Currently, the U.S. Air Force has a fleet of 191 F35As while the Royal Air Force and the Israeli Air Force operate 17 F-35Bs and 14 F-35Is respectively.

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