MRO : HAECO et GE Aerospace signent un accord de service pour le moteur CF34-10A
MRO : HAECO et GE Aerospace signent un accord de service pour le moteur CF34-10A
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MRO : HAECO et GE Aerospace signent un accord de service pour le moteur CF34-10A

HAECO et GE Aerospace ont signé un accord de services de marque GE (GBSA) pour les moteurs CF34-10A.

GE Branded Services Agreement (GBSA) for CF34-10A engines

HAECO and GE Aerospace have signed a GE Branded Services Agreement (GBSA) for CF34-10A engines. This GBSA will allow HAECO Engine Services (Xiamen) to perform OEM-standard maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services for this engine type, with support from GE. As the GBSA licensee in the Greater China region for the CF34-10A, HAECO plans to be ready to provide engine services to global operators in 2024. 

Haeco's consistent delivery of high-quality services

Frank Walschot, HAECO's group chief executive officer, welcomes the partnership and notes that GE's award of the CF34-10A GBSA to HAECO is a testament to the strong relationship between the two companies as well as HAECO's consistent delivery of high quality services. "This expanded partnership with GE expands our engine overhaul capabilities beyond large aircraft engines to include regional jet engines, and we greatly look forward to providing world-class engine repair and overhaul solutions to the global ARJ21 operators," he added.  

Tom Levin, vice president of strategic aftermarket solutions for GE Aerospace, said, "We are pleased to add a highly qualified MRO provider like HAECO to the CF34 global MRO network. HAECO will provide original equipment and overhaul support to CF34-10A engine customers and help them keep their engines in top condition."  

The CF34-10A selected to power COMAC's ARJ21 aircraft family

The CF34-10A is an advanced turbofan engine in the 18,000-pound thrust class. It is part of GE's highly successful CF34® family of commercial engines and has been selected to power the COMAC ARJ21 family of aircraft. The CF34-10A has accumulated more than 406,000 flight hours and 307,000 cycles since entering service in 2016. The engine's advanced technology is perfectly suited to the design requirement of ARJ21 aircraft and meets the demanding conditions of China's diverse environment, specifically the hot temperature and high altitude conditions encountered on many routes in western China.  

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