MRO: exclusive defense contracts data
MRO: exclusive defense contracts data
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MRO: exclusive defense contracts data

See our exclusive defense MRO contracts data.

Find below the MRO contracts for defense aviation, including planes, helicopters as well as drones, for the period from the first to the third quarter of 2019.


MRO Service ProvidersCustomersProgramsOperationsNote
AAR (Illinois)AfghanistanC-130Support and logistic6 years /
210 M$
AAR (Illinois)USMC2 C-40AProcurement and modification of 2 B737-7002 years /
118,6 M$
Airbus (Europe)GermanyNH-90Maintenance and on-demand repairs10 years
Boeing (Illinois)ItalyKC-767ASupport and logistic2 years extension
Boeing (Illinois)USAFA-10112 wing assemblies and 15 wing kits (max)999 M$
Boeing (Illinois)FMS for NetherlandsApacheRemanufacture of 11 helicopters, crew trainer and spares145 M$
Booz Allen Hamilton (Ohio)PakistanF-16Support and logistic125 M$
General Atomics AS (Californie)U-KFleet UAV MQ-9ASupport and software maintenance services2 years /
91 M$
L3 Technologies (New York)US Air Force176 C-130Avionics modernization499 M$
Lockheed Martin (Maryland)IsraelF-35Conduct and support for the training center10 years /
42 M$
Lockheed MartinAustraliaF-35ASupport and logistic5 years / 91 MAU$
Lockheed MartinIraqF-16Support and logistic3 years / 315 M$
Lockheed MartinUS Navy, USMC, USAF and non-US countriesF-35Initial spares2 426 M$
MDHI (Arizona)KenyaMD 530FSupport, logistic, training5 quarters
Northrop Grumman (California)South KoreaRQ-4Support and logistic for UAV Global Hawk950 M$
Pratt & Whitney (Connecticut)FMS financing for various countriesEngine F-100Remanufacture5 years / 253,7 M$
Piaggio Aerospace (Italy)ItalyMB-339Support and maintenance for engines (Viper Rolls-Royce)9 years / 129 M€
Piaggio Aerospace (Italy)ItalyMB-339Spares for engines (Viper Rolls-Royce)3 years / 38 M€
Rolls-Royce (R-U)ThailandC-130HUpgrade 3.5 for 20 engines T56 (first phase, the total fleet is 58 engines)3 years
Rolls-Royce (R-U)MoDTyphoonSupport and maintenance for engines (EJ200)5 years /346,7 M£
Safran Helicopter Engines (France)U-KApache and MerlinSupport for RTM322 engines (extension of the existing contract, 400 engines concerned)3 years
RUAG (Swiss)Bangladesh Navy2 Dornier 228MRO and check

Source: ID AERO

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