MRO Europe 2019
MRO Europe 2019: AFI KLM E&M formalizes aircraft disassembly and sourcing activity © AFI KLM E&M

| Alexandre Rocchi

MRO Europe 2019: AFI KLM E&M formalizes aircraft disassembly and sourcing activity

The maintenance subsidiary of Air France-KLM has been developing the Teardown Management entity since 2016 and gives it more and more consistency.

AFI KLM E&M took the opportunity of the MRO Europe held in London from October 14 to 17 to highlight a new entity Teardown Management (sourcing aircraft, management of their disassembly and re-use of the assets recovered), developed since 2016, which will improve its improve supplies of component and engine spares.

Since 2018, the Group finalized the purchase of two Boeing 777-200ERs. The aircrafts' GE90-94B engines were checked and returned to conformity, before being made available (via the Group's maintenance shops) as an exchange solution for airlines using AFI KLM E&M support for this aircraft and engine type. Several hundred parts from these same aircrafts will be re-certified before being sold on or used to supply the Group's global network of spares pools and repair shops, ultimately contributing to improving the Service Level to its customers and cutting maintenance costs for customers.

The teardown activities can be carried out in-house by KLM UK Engineering, which has approval for single-aisle aircraft teardown, and at Bonus Tech for engines, or else with other partners. The assets recovered are inspected, overhauled, and re-certified for use before supplying maintenance shops and spares pools worldwide. Alternatively, they may be sold on the used parts market via our AAF Spares broking joint-venture.

MRO Europe 2019 AFI KLM E&M KLM UK Engineering Disassembly

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