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MRO: All OSAC online services now available in English
MRO: All OSAC online services now available in English

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MRO: All OSAC online services now available in English

OSAC, the French airworthiness authority, translates all its online services for English-speaking users who now benefit of a dedicated portal. They only need to create an account.

A dedicated portal for foreign aircraft owners

Foreign owners of French-registered aircraft, organizations in charge of their maintenance and/or continuing airworthiness management, and foreign mechanics must from now on perform all their procedures online on the dedicated portal.

Examples of services related to aircraft :

Classification of aircraft in the French registry,

Airworthiness review,

issuance of a CDN-Export,

Recommendation review,

Flyer document issuance,

Maintenance schedule approval,

Pass issuance.

Examples of services related to the Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance License:

Initial instruction for license issuance,

Amending or transferring an existing license,

Clearing a mechanic for the airworthiness examination.

Create an individual account

To access the digitized services, individuals or foreign organizations not approved by OSAC must create an account " Individual ". Once logged in, users can order and pay for the services they need online, follow the status of their procedures in their " dashboard ", exchange with their Supervisor and keep a history of their orders and invoices. English-speaking users of French organizations approved by OSAC can, in order to facilitate their navigation through OSAC's services, select the display of all services in English and interact with OSAC's services in English. 

Whatever their category, " Foreign users " can also use the online portal to :

Report a safety event,

Subscribe to technical documentation,

Propose a document modification,

Register for training,

Search for an Airworthiness Directive.

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